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Thank you and Mordechai for all your work yesterday, you were both fantastic and a definite essential part of the event running as we had wanted.

All the best

S and S


Amazing amazing amazing!!!  You were just wonderful!!! Amazing!!



First of all…thank you very much for a really great job that you sent us last night. The people were so nice, the venue was the absolutely nicest I've ever seen it… great design work, mechitza with lights, etc.
May you enjoy continued success in your Holy work to bring happiness to young Jewish couples and their families and friends.

Thanks again.

M. Herman

Dear Dana-lee and Baila,
I wanted to take the time and thank you both for all your talent and hard work. Our son's Bar Mitzvah party and Shabbos seudas were simply stunning and we couldn't have asked for anything more.

Dana-lee, your professionalism combined with care allowed a normally exciting and stressful time to be positive, relaxed, and an absolute joy. You provided us with so much research and options...... I cannot thank you enough for always being on top of everything and always mentioning to me on every phone call how beautiful you think the simcha was going to be. Planning the party and all 3 meals on Shabbos was so carefree for us because of your work ethic and expertise. Thank you for your exceptional taste and referrals for everyone we needed. I so appreciate all of your patience and advice you gave us along the way.

Baila, thank you for expediting the night of the party and overseeing all the logistics. Everything went smoothly....and if it didn't, I would've never known. Your work behind the scenes made the simcha perfect.

Thank you again for such a positive and beautiful experience. Anyone who works with you can clearly see your concern and love of what you do. We can't wait until our next simcha, IY"H, when we can work with you both once again.

Thank you again,
T.A, Jerusalem


Hi Baila,
You were awesome! I just heard the story of the ring! woah woah woah that is crazy. thanks so much for all of your hard work and determination in finding it! HaShem should mamash bless you for it.

i wanted to say thank you so so much for removing the big light up thingy in the tent. i noticed when i walked in how beautiful it looked and that that wasnt there i was so very appreciative!   the whole wedding looked absolutely stunning!

woah. it was incredible. i was floored even.

thanks again for everything. knowing you were there was so great because i could really let go and be present and know that everything was being taken care of.



Dear Dana Lee,
Upon our return to the UK we would like to thank you for arranging,organizing and co-ordinating the most fabulous, fantastic, and wonderful wedding of our children.The ruach was amazing- It was all so full of warmth,love and spirit. The food was excellent,the music was great, the flowers were beautiful, the covers elegant,the dancing lively,and the whole affair was utterly inspiring.  Even the non-religious guests enjoyed it immensely.

Kindest regards to Mordechai -he was invaluable.

With best wishes & many thanks,

D & N.P.


We both really wanted to thank you for all your hard work and expertise you put into organizing our wedding.  We had so many compliments from people about what a beautiful wedding it was, the kabbalos panim, the chuppah, the flowersand the layout in the hall, the catering, the music
and all thedetails. Everything ran really smoothly. Even our less religiousfamily and friends were really surprised by how much they enjoyed it. Anyway thank you for helping to make our special day so special.

Kol tuv ubrachot tovot,

C.S. and L.R.


Thank you for making our wedding night beyond beyond expectation.   We are full of gratitude for all of you and your teams hard work!

R & E.S



Dana-lee, no words could describe how much we appreciate all your work and dedication.  Thank you for making our simcha everything we hoped for and wanted.

Family A.


For our Yeshiva's 25th Anniversary celebration at the newWaldorf Astoria, we used the team of Dana-lee Salis and Baila Miro, who did an absolutely professional job.

Originally I hesitated taking them as their background and been primarily with family simchas, weddings, Bar Mitzva's and the like, however I have no regrets.  They know how to offer ideas but nevertheless know how to listen to our opinions as well.  They certainly dotted all "i's" and crossed
all "t's" and the event went off, from their end, without a single glitch.

I wholeheartedly recommend them.  Please feel free to call me should you want any other details.

R.L. - Financial Director for yeshiva in Old City

In case I haven't told you.. Thank you thank you thank you. Could not do this without you!



We can not thank you and Mordechai enough for your help and patience with organizing this chasuna. Although this is our second simcha in Israel, a daughter and a son are so very different....I am happy to be a reference for you for your work.  May Hashem bentch you with simchos in your
family and Klal Yisroel!


Hi Baila,
I never had a chance to thank you so much for your services at Shalom and Sophie's wedding.  The wedding was truly beautiful and very special.  You helped so much in making Sophie and Judy's dream come true.  I really appreciated having you to guide us through the various stages of the plans and the event itself.  You were a pleasure to work with.  I want to wish you well and much success with future events.  

All the best,


Dear Dana-Lee,

We can not sufficiently thank you for helping us plan our wedding.  From the moment we walked into you house, we already knew you would help us have the pefect wedding.  You  went above and beyond the role of any event planner, making sure every detail was thought of and dealt with. Working with you has been so enjoyable.  You're calm personality and organizational abilities helped us both walk calmly and happily to the chuppah.

We could have never done it without you!! We can't wait to recommend you to all our friends!

Thank you so much!
G & E.J.

My wedding a few months ago could not have been possible without the incredible help of Dana Lee Salis. I planned my wedding while living in Israel, away from my parents and home town. It was also the first wedding both my husband's parents and my owns parents had made.  All these factors can add much stress to the already stressful life transition of getting married. One of the smartest decisions we made in planning the wedding was to use a party planner, and hat a planner we found...  Dana Lee put her full being into the wedding preparations. She was completely dedicated, and didn't just see her work as a "job."   She had such real care for us and a desire to make things as stress free as possible.

She had a special way to always share her opinion with us, yet still give us room  to make decisions for ourselves. It\ was so much less stressful to decide on caterers, bands, etc, because with Dana Lee's previous experience, she simply told us whom she recommended, and the different price ranges for each service provider. She helped us stay within our budget as well.  She also kept both sides of parents involved with all  the preparations, even when my parents were overseas in America. Since it was both our parents first time making a wedding, she was so helpful in informing us on all the things we needed to remember, and coordinating the entire thing so it ran smoothly.  

People told us it was one of the most special weddings they had been to, including the waitresses, and it was largely due to the wonders of Dana Lee!


We were so pleased to have Jerusalem Wedding Planners guide us through the process of arranging a wedding in Israel. While we had previously made a wedding for our older daughter six years ago in Israel, and had familiarity with vendors and halls, our recent wedding for our
younger daughter was planned for a very busy time of year right after Shavuot, and we knew we needed a professional to pull it together. Dana-Lee was amazing to work with. She worked extremely hard to work within our budget, from finding a hall, caterer, florist, band, photographer, to recommendations for wedding gown rental and makeup, Dana-lee was a pleasure to work with.  We would highly recommend Jerusalem Wedding

E & M.M., Chicago

Dear Baila,
Thank you again for everything you did for us!!! From the first meeting to the moment you pulled a wad of bubblegum off of my wedding Crocs! You made my whole engagement such a pleasant experience, and the wedding was beautiful and stress-free for us! H-shem should bless you to be able to continue in helping people begin there lives in a wonderful way, and He should bless you and your family with health, simcha, parnassah tova, and abundant brocha!! May we only share in simchas together!!!

S & LM

Dear Dana-lee,
Words are not sufficient to express my gratitude to you for all you did to help make our wedding in Jerusalem such a success.

I wanted to help my daughter-in-law with all the preparations for a wedding in Israel while I was dwelling in Brooklyn, New York.  I am very grateful to our photographer, Yiftach, for suggesting I call you.  I could not have done it without you.

It was such a special wedding and your guidance, information and advice were priceless to us.  You saved us money, you saved us time, you gave us valuable tips--and you did it all with such a generous spirit.  In beginning this process, I had so many questions, and you patiently answered them all, and offered insights on areas I had not even considered.  It also meant so much to us that you were able, at times, to help us to communicate directly with different service providers.

It was such a pleasure working with you.  It was amazing how you were able to advise us on every conceivable aspect of the wedding details, and you did it with such caring and expertise.  I would highly recommend that anyone who is planning a religious wedding in Israel hire you.  It would be the wisest initial decision in planning for a wonderful simcha.

Thank you so much.

Wishing you all the best,
B. Glas  (Brooklyn, New York)

Dear Dana-lee

Thank you so much for sending me all the info about our kids wedding. It is so good to have all the arrangements down on paper.

I also want to thank you for all your expert help,advice and support you have given Kimberley during the past 3 months.  Without you life would have been very difficult for her. I hope to thank you in really are a wonderful wedding planner!

Thank you once again and gut yom tov to you and all your family.

A. R.  (England/Canada)

Yeah! - I was a kalla! That was the 'easy' part.  Now I was in a whirlwind of confusion - wedding halls, caterers ,bands, photographers, invitations...and all in a foreign language, with no family to help!
I walked into Dana-lee's house in a panic and left feeling calm and clear. I really feel that Dana-lee's efficiency and reliability mixed with her fun relaxed style helped me walk to the chupah stress-free

S. and E. Kosoy  (South Africa/Canada)

Thank you for your invaluable help with our smachot and for the service and efficiency you provide to my students.  You service is great, tremendously organized and efficient. You were always available for us. What you say you will take care of is done, taken care of and we do not have to worry about it again.  You are always available whenever we/they need you.  You never force your opinion on us/them and try to address each person’s needs for what they are and what is important to them.  Your care for the kallahs extends over and above a wedding planner, in that you care for their personal needs and also their well being.  Your suggestions have been fantastic and your service providers extremely professional and provide excellent service and superb end product.

Thanks again.
S. R.  (South Africa/Israel)

Dana-lee made my wedding far more beautiful than I could have ever imagined with my modest budget. My wedding was absolutely stunning and  is still the talk of town two years later. I was able to be the most relaxed kallah solely because I knew that I was working with the most professional wedding planner who would be on top of everything. I had an incredibly short period in which to get everything done and with her help everything went as smoothly as possible.

C and R Kaplan (Los Angeles/Israel)

For a foreigner, making a wedding in Israel can be very stressful, but not with Dana-Lee Salis involved! Her contacts were wonderful. We were thrilled with the hall, the photographer, the makeup lady, the hair dresser, the flowers, the gemachs that we borrowed from - and it all came from her. She saved us a lot of money. She made us feel so at ease on the day of the wedding, knowing that she had taken care of everything. She put it all together so elegantly and perfectly.
- Family W. (South Africa)

Dear Dana Lee everything is so comprehensive and well thought out. your timings are great.
Family L.
Dear Dana-lee Thanks for the email, the wedding was wonderful! Thanks in no small part to your recommendations and help.  
Many thanks again
Family L. (England/Israel)


We were extremely happy with your professional services! The simcha planning service helped us to make sure that we did all that we need to do from conception  to conclusion.  Everything was always with an attitude of politeness, helpfulness, friendliness, efficiency, and flexibility! She/the service helped all family and friends to feel at ease and to be properly prepared.  She/the service liaised well with other service providers, happilty and harmoniously!  We would gladly recommend her/the service to all.
- Y. and E. Mayers

Dana-lee, no words could describe how much we appreciate all you work and dedication.  Thank you for making our simcha everything we hoped for and wanted.  

T.A.  Har Nof

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