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Mazel tov and Welcome!
For most people, planning a wedding is stepping into very unfamiliar territory and a guiding hand can be an invaluable, if not essential, asset. The need for assistance is often greater when a couple is planning their wedding without the help of parents or relatives, and especially when a new country, language and culture make the process even more overwhelming.
Established for the Jewish Orthodox/frum English speaking community in Israel, our client base has expanded to couples from overseas who wish to celebrate their marriage in the homeland of the Jewish people.

Specializing in Jerusalem weddings, The Wedding Planners welcomes you to our web site!

Dana-lee, originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, and Baila, originally from Sydney, Australia, have been living in Israel for the past 17 years and have been involved for over 12 years in helping couples plan their weddings in Jerusalem.
Drawing from Rabbinical guidance and a business background, our team of wedding coordinators have helped many happy couples walk to their chuppah with tremendous peace of mind.

We at The Wedding Planners are here to provide you a refreshing way to plan your wedding with our integrity, warmth, and personalized service. Our English speaking team are experts in planning weddings in Israel, and we always put your needs first.  We also cater to your budget, and you will never find hidden fees.  We have hand-picked the most service-oriented vendors over the years to ensure a smooth-flowing, professional simcha.

Our Goals

  1. To present the chasan and kallah with up-to-date information so they can find the right service providers for their simcha

  2. To assist the couple manage the many details involved in a wedding through scheduling  and checklists

  3. To give the chasan and kallah an opportunity to focus on the spiritual and emotional aspects of preparing for a wedding

  4. To create elegant, joyous, well coordinated weddings  

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